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Fish Tale Marina: Your Gateway to Gulf Adventures in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Nestled on the shimmering waters of Estero Bay in Fort Myers Beach, Fish Tale Marina is a haven for boaters and water enthusiasts alike. This vibrant marina is more than just a place to dock your boat – it's a gateway to a world of aquatic adventures in the heart of Florida's Gulf Coast. Know more information here.


The Marina Experience


Fish Tale Marina offers a full-service experience that caters to both seasoned boaters and newcomers to the water. Boasting a prime location on Fort Myers Beach, it provides easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and nearby islands, including Sanibel and Captiva. The marina is equipped with modern facilities, experienced staff, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Unleash the beauty of Fish Tale Marina here.


Boat Rentals and Charters


For those without their vessel, Fish Tale Marina provides a diverse fleet of boat rentals and charters. Whether you're looking to cruise the calm waters of Estero Bay, go fishing in the Gulf, or explore the stunning barrier islands, there's a boat rental option to suit your needs. Experienced captains are available for charters, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience on the water.


Fishing Excursions


Fort Myers Beach is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities, and Fish Tale Marina is your ticket to reeling in the big catch. From inshore and offshore fishing trips to fly fishing and tarpon charters, the marina offers a range of options for anglers of all skill levels. It's the perfect place to land snook, redfish, grouper, and more.


Waterfront Dining and Shopping


Fish Tale Marina isn't just about boating; it's a destination in itself. After a day on the water, unwind at one of the marina's waterfront restaurants, where you can savor fresh seafood and tropical cocktails while enjoying breathtaking views. The marina also houses boutique shops offering unique gifts and nautical treasures to commemorate your visit.


Dolphin and Wildlife Tours


The waters surrounding Fort Myers Beach are teeming with wildlife, and Fish Tale Marina offers dolphin and wildlife tours that provide a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins, manatees, and a variety of bird species in their natural habitat. These tours offer an educational and awe-inspiring experience for the whole family.


Plan Your Visit


Fish Tale Marina is open year-round and serves as a gateway to unforgettable Gulf adventures. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a day of relaxation on the water, Fish Tale Marina in Fort Myers Beach has everything you need for a memorable maritime experience. Cast off into the Gulf and let the adventures begin!

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