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Discover the Timeless Charm of Naples, Florida's Historic Pier on the Gulf of Mexico


Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Naples, Florida, offers visitors a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and captivating history. Among the many treasures this charming coastal city has to offer, the historic Naples Pier stands as a beloved landmark, enticing locals and tourists alike to experience its timeless allure. Let us take you on a journey to explore the captivating stories and breathtaking vistas that await you at Naples' iconic pier. 

For over a century, the Naples Pier has stood as a witness to the city's storied past. Built-in 1888 as a vital shipping and recreational hub, the pier has weathered hurricanes, witnessed historical events, and undergone several renovations to become the cherished landmark it is today. Stroll along the wooden planks that carry the echoes of the past, and feel the weight of history as you take in the panoramic views of the Gulf. Discover more about Naples Zoo

Prepare to be enchanted as you set your eyes upon one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles—the Naples Pier sunset. As the sun begins its descent over the glistening waters, hues of orange, pink, and gold paint the sky, casting a mesmerizing glow over the horizon. Join the locals and visitors who gather every evening to witness this magnificent display of nature's artistry, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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